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Is Brandy Pregnant?

Babi! I love reading through the comments because that's where alllll the dirt lies. The picture was enough to get everyone talking. Once Countess Vaughn dropped her two cents in....well.....DONE DEAL. #brandy #4everbrandy Is receiving congrats on her #pregnancy. VIA #cupofmessy #countessvaughn #rayj #vh1 #lhh A post shared by The Bomb (@truthseekerknows) on May 22,…

8 TV and Film Waitress and Waiter Trivia

We all have a favorite movie or television show that has waiter. From Mystic Pizza to 2 Broke Girls, they all depict those hard-workers who are delivering us our food. From IMDB, here are 8 pieces of trivia from television and film about our favorite waiters or waitresses.

EOG Pep Rally With MLK Middle School

BIG shouts to the kids at MLK Middle! Next week they'll be taking their EOGs so the Principal and teachers put together a dope pep rally to encourage the students to make all 5s! Kids stay focused, go in with a positive mindset, and PRAY if it gets tough! Ya'll got this!

Aisha Tyler From The Talk Getting Divorce

I love the talk show "The Talk." I have been a correspondent a few times on the show. To watch this emotional conversation between Aisha and the rest of the girls was absolutely heartbreaking. It's alleged that she will have to give her husband approx $31k a month and an additional $500k. I'm like damn…