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Reaching For A Check: Young Jeezy Being Sued

10/03/2014 at 1:22 | Posted by by Vonyetta

I have been a fan of Young Jeezy for a while now. I love music period and most artists see a lawsuit or two. Young Jeezy is being sued for allegedly stealing a song.

What’s the song in question, “Me Ok.” According to TMZ Christopher Syrrakos. He goes by the stage name of “Big Chris.” He is saying that he created a song called “13 shots” approx 5 years before Jeezy’s “Me Ok” and is accusing Jeezy of ripping him off.

Apparently the music isn’t on itunes or similar outlets. The album is allegedly called “Big Chris Uncut” We shall see what happens. Now a days, we all want a check, but hopefully he’s legit.


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