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Guess Who Else You Won’t See On Another Episode Of Scandal?

10/09/2014 at 1:45 | Posted by by Vonyetta

Gladiators! The plot has thickened with Scandal. While others may have been disappointed with the season premiere, it was quickly redeemed after last weeks episode.

Shonda is locking down the tube, especially on Thursday nights with her new hit show “How To Get Away With Murder” starring Viola Davis! There was a character a few seasons ago named Reed Wallace. The character was a reporter who was on air during an attempted assassination on Fitz. The role was played by Stephen Collins who we all know as the dad and pastor on the hit show “7th Heaven.”

He previously tweeted that he would be featured on another episode, but that has all changed. TMZ recently broke the story that Stephen Collins was taped by his wife in a therapy session and he admitted to being guilty of molestation. Since this audio has been released, he has resigned from positions, released from working on the movie “Ted 2” and now, it was announced that he won’t be on any upcoming episodes of Scandal.

Moral to the story…. Do the right thang!

In case you don’t remember who he is. Here is a pictures of the cast kind of coming back together. He is the man in the middle. If you remember, this is where most people remember Jessica Biel from.

Photo embedded from Twitter

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