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Get TIP On The Phone: Is Snoop Back Talking “Ish” About Iggy Again?

10/27/2014 at 1:28 | Posted by by Vonyetta

Social Media will start stuff and it will end it. The paparazzi will do the same thing for you too. They will put your business out there and make you feel uncomfortable.

Recently there was a big IG/Twitter beef between Iggy and Snoop. He said some hateful things about her. Finally he posted a video saying that he spoke to T.I. and was going to leave the situation alone.

Recently, the paparazzi asked Iggy if she would ever do a duet with Snoop. In a nut shell, she said hell no!! I mean who could blame her. Well, the paps caught up with Snoop. Being as messy as they are, they told him what she said and this is what Snoop had to say. Check it out below.

Will there be another phone call or nah? As for Iggy on social media? Pretty mum. As for TI? Same thing.  He has an album to promote. That “Paperwork” is FIRE though! Go cop it!

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