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Taylor Swift’s “Best Week Yet?”

11/06/2014 at 6:00 | Posted by MillionDollaDJ

Taylor Swift has been the topic of lots of talk throughout the week & she’s just added 1 more reason for the chatter.

We’ve heard of Swift’s move to take her music off Spotify‘s catalogue even with her being the top streamed artist on the service.

Some may say her move is trendsetting, some say career suicide because it comes at a time when streaming royalties match album sells on on-line distributors such as iTunes, Amazon, etc.

But there’s 1 thing she won’t be denied this year, which is the luxury of being the 1st recording artist this year to crack the platinum goose egg of 2014.

It only took 1 week for “1989” to go platinum this year where no other album has touched that status for the 1st time since the ’60s.

Peep below what Taylor does to celebrate the feat.


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