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CIAA Cypher

03/05/2015 at 5:30 | Posted by MillionDollaDJ

More than likely, everybody that came through Charlotte, NC for the CIAA Tournament is just now re-couping getting ready for another weekend.

I was reading an article in the Atlanta Blackstar about the tournaments lack of fans as opposed to the plethora of party goers.

Alongside the troubles of luring fans to the games, are the increase in violence the city is exposed to, & the alleged price gouging that takes place.

There’s plenty war stories swirling around about miscellaneous CIAA surcharges, ridiculous prices for hotels, clubs, drinks, parking,  & even game tickets.

Not dwelling to much on the negatives.. How can the CIAA committee improve its fanship at the games to gain attendance?

What are you’re highlights from CIAA15?

#RIP to Earl “The Pearl” Lloyd

#Scream@Me… Milliondolladj

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