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Chris Brown & Jeremih Fight, Breezy Named A Suspect In Battery Case

05/04/2015 at 11:04 | Posted by

The Mayweather/Pacquiao bout wasn’t the only fight in Las Vegas over the weekend.  Chris Brown and Jeremih got into a scuffle during a basketball game, that turned into an all out brawl.  The two singers were playing a basketball game, and since Jeremih won the first game-Brown asked for a rematch.  A verbal altercation on the court led to Chris throwing the first punch, hitting Jeremih.  Shortly after this, things got UGLY.  It’s still unclear why the fight started, but the 1-on-1 quickly turned into a 5 against 30 as Breezy’s goons got involved.

This morning the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department issued a statement saying Chris Brown is the suspect of battery in the fight during the basketball game.  According to police the altercation happened at the Palms Casino Resort  at approximately 3:42 am.  Police say, Brown can either sign a citation for misdemeanor battery, or he can have a case submitted to the District Attorney’s Office.

This isn’t the 1st time Brown’s had drama on the court either.  Last month, Chris Brown actually settled another lawsuit stemming from another fight he had while playing basketball.

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