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Tom Brady Still Digesting ‘Deflate Gate’ Scandal Report, Possible Suspension Coming Next Week

05/08/2015 at 9:32 | Posted by

When asked about the infamous 243 page ‘Deflate Gate Scandal’ investigation report that was recently released by the NFL, Tom Brady smiled & laughed at the allegations saying “I don’t have really any reaction, our owner commented on it yesterday.  It’s only been 30 hours so I haven’t had much time to digest it fully but when I do I’ll be sure to let you know how I feel about it.”  The New England Patriots star quarterback went on to say “There’s still a (NFL disciplinary) process that’s going forth right now, and I’m involved in that process, whenever it happens it happens, and I’ll certainly want to be very comfortable in how I feel about the statements that I make.”  Brady is still saying he’s completely innocent, when it comes to the scandal, and that the whole thing hasn’t detracting him from the joy of winning the Super Bowl.

The scandal alleges that the New England Patriots staffers were altering footballs outside NFL rules.  To read the entire investigation report, and more on this story, click HERE.

What type of disciplinary action do YOU think is necessary tho?  Suspension, fine, forfeit of championship??

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