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……And The Oscar Goes To, Adolf Hitler! In “I Wanna Know”! For His Reaction to Meek Mill’s Drake Diss

08/01/2015 at 7:42 | Posted by Bill Blass

Maaaaan, Meek Mills may be finished before his careers full blown! First, he let his “trigger fingers turn into Twitter fingers” and tried to turn up on that singing a** ninja(DRAKE), then he was slow in clapping back (A WEEK?!)! Then after all of the waiting and handwringing and TWO Diss Records from Drake; Meek’s come back was soft as lotion. And no one’s safe, radio Dj’s are catching bodies from the 2 bombs dropped on the Philly “BATTLE” rapper.

Now, we have video footage of Adolf Hitler’s reaction to his ninja, Meek Mill’s weak attempt at a put back!! Look, now a days no one cares who cooked the food (WROTE DRAKE’S RAPS) as long as it tastes good and is satisfying to our ears!

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