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Step Off Tutorial: Can You Master The Mannequin Challenge?

11/04/2016 at 3:37 | Posted by Willy J. // Staff Writer
Andreas Rentz/Getty Images for IMG
Photo Credit: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images for IMG

Even though it isn’t a dance move, the Mannequin Challenge has gone viral on Twitter and social media!

Everyone, including entire classrooms and schools are in on the challenge, and it’s simple.  Basically you have someone film everyone standing perfectly still just like a mannequin would in a retail store.  And you play any hip-hop song, or my preference Rae Sremmurd’s “Black Beatles,” in the background while you move the camera around the very still friends of yours.

The post below is allegedly the first video to do the Mannequin Challenge!

And now everyone, including entire high schools are freezing in place for the dance challenge!

And even athletic teams are doing it…

And now celebrities are in on the action! Take a look at Rae Sremmurd do the Mannequin Challenge at one of their concerts…it’s getting to epic levels!

Have you done a Mannequin Challenge yet? Let us know in the Comment Section below!

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