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Let’s Make The City Of Charlotte A Zero-Waste City By 2050!

11/15/2016 at 11:01 | Posted by Willy J. // Staff Writer
Jason Reed - Pool/Getty Images
Photo Credit: Jason Reed - Pool/Getty Images

The City of Charlotte, as part of their Environment Focus Area Plan, has an ambitious goal of being a zero-waste City by 2050!

To reach this goal, Charlotte must work with the residents of each sector in our community to get them to reduce the amount of waste they produce.

City Solid Waste (CSW) is leading an effort to support the City’s goal by helping to change the perception of waste reduction.  CSW is trying to show a direct connection between the environment and personal health when it comes down to reducing the amount of waste we produce every day.

Starting this month, the inaugural Food Too Good To Waste Challenge kicks off with five local neighborhoods competing against each other to see who can eliminate the most food waste from their garbage over the course of six weeks!  Every household will receive a food scale along with a food waste trash can in order to separate, weigh, and record their food waste weekly.  As incentives, the winning neighborhood will receive $5,ooo for an environmental project and the winning household will receive a composting kit from their home along with a cooking class with a local vegan chef.

Follow Power 98’s Nolimit Larry, Power 98’s Ms. Jessica ‘The Girl Next Door,’ and V 101.9’s J.D. to check in their weigh-ins each week to see which location is winning!

Nolimit Larry: Arbor Glen & Clanton Park

Ms. Jessica: Revolution Park & Reid Park

J.C.: Hidden Valley

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