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A Slight State of Emergency: Essentials For A Charlotte Snow Day!

01/05/2017 at 4:05 | Posted by April Albritton // Intern Writer
Photo Credit: digidreamgrafix/Shutterstock.com

Oh no, there it is the Saturday forecast on weather.com, the little snow icon.  If you were born and raised in the south, snow shuts your town down. In Charlotte we get snow every year,but for some reason when that icon appears in the 5 day forecast it #Snowmaggedon. Schools shut down for five days, churches cancel meetings, and if your employer cares about your safety and the fact you aren’t showing up anyway, they give you the day off.

Charlotte is suppose to received between 1-4 inches of snow Friday night into Saturday morning.  The temperatures won’t get above 31 degrees, black ice is actually a bigger threat.  Either way most residents will board up their windows and hunker down to ride out the storm (please know I type that statement dripping with sarcasm).  Starting Thursday most people will begin ransacking  grocery stores.  What essentials are needed to survive?  I’ve put together a list of all the things needed to make it safely out of Snowpocalypse 2017.


Last year I asked my mom why does everyone buy milk during storms, if you lose power the fridge is of no use.  She told me you could keep the milk outside and it would stay fresh…..in my face!  Milk, Bread, Luncheon Meat, Chips, Peanut Butter, Jelly, Sliced Cheese, and Oreo’s are all items that can get you through a power outage, it might be boring but it’s clutch.  Make sure your cabinets are stocked. Don’t forget to grab a bottle of Tylenol or Advil too, you never know.


I learned very quickly in college food meant nothing if you didn’t have beverages to keep you warm and drunk in your dorm room.  No matter how cold or how much snow was on the ground my dorm mates and I would trek to the convenience store to pick up 211’s, Mad Dog, and Smirnoff Ice… I was on a budget.  Since I have grown and matured I realize I’m not going to make it through the weekend without a Malbec, Cabernet, Pinot Noir, or a six pack of Noda Hop Drop and Roll.  Nothing is better than a PB&J and a PBR, snuggled on your couch binge watching Narcos Season 2. Which brings me to

Updated and Activated Streaming Accounts:

Netflix and Hulu have to be operational to make it through a snow day.  It’s completely acceptable to stay in your pajamas and catch up on that show all your co-workers can’t believe you haven’t seen…Stranger Things. However, make sure your account is active or if you share an account not everyone is logging on at the same time. Netflix and Hulu will kick you off if too many people log in simultaneously. If everyone is at home bumming, everyone is binge watching too.

Batteries Charged:

To watch said streaming service make sure your tablet, Iphone, Droid, Macbook Air, and Applewatch are all charged up.  The batteries never last long when you need them too.  The worst thing possible is losing power in your home and most of your devices are at 17%, I think I had that nightmare last night.  Charge up your electronics the night before and if you have a backup battery powered charger, charge that up too.  Yes, it’s only going to snow for 31 minutes but might as well take precautions.


If you somehow still don’t heed my advice, have a back up stack of magazines and books.  What are books, they are these bound paper pages that most of the shows you watch on Netflix ripped their plot from.  There a ton of great books out on the best seller list Colson Whitehead’s “Underground Railroad“, Emma Cline’s “The Girls”, or Jodi Piccoult “Small Great Things” why not take your day and read up.


Make sure you have blankets within arms reach.  The weather has been warm for awhile, so it doesn’t do you any good to have your blankets packed up in storage.  Go ahead into your attic or storage room and pull them out.  Even if we don’t get much snow it will still be very cold, it’s nice to have something to wrap yourself up in.

What did I forget on my list?  What are your must haves? Comment Below.

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