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After Nicki Minaj Calls It Quits On Meek Mill, Who Should She Date Next?

01/05/2017 at 1:53 | Posted by April Albritton // Intern Writer
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Welp it’s a wrap Nicki and Meek have officially called it quits.  Nicki made the announcement via twitter that she is officially single and working on new music.  While the music world quickly mourned, I’m sure Minaj’s ex Safree Samuels is on set of Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood planning his comeback.

Is it a coincidence the announcement came the same week we all got a sneak peek of The Bachelor? Me thinks not, in the land of Hollywood if you break up with someone and aren’t ready to jump into the next relationship you’re doing it all wrong.  If Nicki really is in the studio making new music she doesn’t have time to think about her next beau, I’ve decided to be generous and put together a list of eligible bachelors for Ms. Nicki Minaj.

First let’s remember Nicki has dated rappers in the past so I’m going to tailor my list to her taste.

Bachelor Number 1

Schoolboy Q

Age 30

Biggest Album: Blankface LP

Nicki is a superstar there is no denying that, so she will need a superstar by her side.  Schoolboy Q or Quincy Hanley already has two top Billboard 200 albums under his belt.  He’s nominated for two Grammy’s this year.  If he did a world tour we shouldn’t have to wonder whose it is.  Q was born in Germany, and grew up an army brat until his mother settled in Los Angeles.  We know Nicki is from Trinidad and Tobago, so they both have an international flare. Schoolboy credits his inspiration for his rap style, from Brooklyn namely Jay-Z, Nicki represents Jamaica, Queens…I can already imagine their little New York babies running around at Jay and Bey cookout. Schoolboy isn’t terrible to look at and due to some years in the Hoover Street Crips has just enough bad boy for Minaj.

Bachelor Number 2


Age 33

Biggest Album: DS2

Future would be great for Nicki, they both are at the top of their rap game right now.  Future is already friends with Nicki’s label mate Drake, and they have probably had several interactions with each other.  Future’s only high profile relationship was with singer Ciara, and while that engagement crashed and burned.  Onika might be just the right amount of attitude to turn Future from Lean and into a great father to his already 4 kids. Future has stated he is a fan of the larger backside….”Where Ya Ass Was At”? Nicki has plenty to go around, perhaps these two should try a mixtape collaboration?

Bachelor Number 3

Rick Ross

Age 40

Biggest Album God Forgives, I Don’t

Ok, I know this will be the most controversial since Meek Mill is signed to his label, but hear me out.  Rick already is familiar with Nicki and the things she appreciates in life.  As an older man, it’s time Nicki leaves the little boys alone. She and Ross are both self proclaimed “bosses” in the game.  When Meek was going through his twitter rants he caused Rick a lot of grief, I can only imagine the the late night calls he made to Nicki trying to find out what the hell was going on with his artist, perhaps something sparked.  It worked for Michel’le and Suge Knight kind of.  Nicki fits the Rick Ross mold of video vixen he likes to have on his arm.  Rick was engaged to Lira Galore making it evident he is ready to settle down. This would be a rap royalty, the next South Beach king and queen.

Bachelor Number 4

Dave East

Age 28

Biggest Album: Mixtape Kairi Chanel

My sleeper pick, but East was named to the XXL “Freshman Class” his raw and dark lyrics remind me of old Nicki. Their both from New York, and let’s be honest Dave is fun to look at. The once NBA hopeful decided to focus on music after playing basketball at the University of Richmond and Towson.  I can’t really find any indications that East and Nicki know each other, but I can only imagine it would be an instant attraction.

Bachelor Number 5

Aubrey Drake Graham

Age 30

Biggest Album: Views

This really is the only option for Onika.  Drake has proclaimed so much love for the lovely lyricist, I’m surprised he wasn’t outside her door as she tweeted the official break up news.  These two have collaborated on some a raps biggest hits,” Truffle Butter” and “Make Me Proud”. Drake admitted he did some things to turn Minaj off, mainly destroying her last boyfriends career, but people grow up and Drake stated he is retiring “Back 2 Back” from his concert lineup. Drake fans are already calling for the Canadian rapper to drop his new squeeze Jennifer Lopez and woo Nicki, only time will tell, especially since he has been in love with Rihanna since he was 22 years old.  Take a look at some of Drake and Nicki’s chemistry below. Who do you think her next squeeze should be?

“Moment For Life”


“Miss Me”



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