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Carolina Street Connect: Money Baggz

01/09/2017 at 9:46 | Posted by MillionDollaDJ
Carolina Street Connect: Money Baggz

Money Baggz is a rapper based in Charlotte & originally from Norwood/Albermarle, NC. Born to Juanita & Odell Closon, Money Baggz knew his music would make a better way for him & his family. Always keeping family in mind, with a passion for music & the urge to rep his city.

Baggz went on to start his own label, Woodland Entertainment in ’08, to put his passion & dream into motion. Money Baggz quickly added the Cash Cartel Music Group in 2015 to bolster his roster & diversify talent.

Money Baggz released his 1st mix-tape “Hardy Road”, in ’12 & quickly amasses a loyal following. “RNS” his 2nd mix-tape was released 2 years(2014) later on datpiff.com & is hosted by DJ Polo. Money Baggz kept the heat coming by dropping his 3rd mix-tape “Only Trust God” which resonates with him the most.

The “Only Trust God” mix-tape was accompanied by official videos for the street anthem “Trap Life” & the introspective lead single of the same title. The tape was hosted by DJ Bando & DJ Shooter.

Having several shows under his belt & an extensive catalogue, Money Baggz released his 4th mix-tape, entitled “Facts” on 10/29/16. The new mix-tape will have 14 original songs, with features from artists Jay Black, Baby Jesus, Ruga, & Jay Way Sosa. “Facts” also features production by Slim Hood, 45, Track Daddy, D Bills, Cam, Mark Sparks, & LG Kill’em.


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