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Derrick Rose…You Can Do Better Than “Things Happen” Excuse

01/11/2017 at 10:39 | Posted by April Albritton // Intern Writer
Scott Halleran/Getty Images
Photo Credit: Scott Halleran/Getty Images

April goes to boss,” Hey Boss I have a thing I need to take care of can I have tonight off, I know I have a project but I have a thing”….Boss responds, “That’s gonna be a no from me, but how about tomorrow after the project”….me “Ok”.  The I proceed to leave my office on lunch break and not show up for my project that night, especially with my company in big time trouble.  All my co workers are morally defeated and really counting on my to show up, but I had that thing…..so…yeah.  Did  I mention I’m making 21 million dollars annually.  Yeah let’s just say if I showed up to work the next day and my excuse was “Things Happen”, shit would happen, because I would be fired.

Yet the Knicks are so woefully terrible and mismanaged that the excuse “Things Happen” only got Derrick Rose a monetary fine, he’ll be suiting up tomorrow for the Philly game and we’ll all pretend like he didn’t go AWOL last night.

I’m not heartless please understand, Derrick Rose said he needed to be with his mom, and flew to Chicago. If she is ill, and I pray she isn’t, yes you need to be with your family, however how is it Mr. Rose could attend shoot around earlier that day and not alert anyone in the front office that he needed to leave for a family emergency.  Then when the organization that pays him an absorbent amount of money tried to call and reach out to him,you know, to see if he was going to show up for the game or his teammates, he curved said organization like a one night stand you regret exchanging digits with.

I have an ailing father that has spent the better half of the summer and fall in the hospital, ICU to be exact.  Every time I needed to be by his side, I called work to let them know what was going on and then headed to the hospital.  I CALLED MY JOB, in extreme panic I texted my employer at least, because that is what adults do.  Every time,my employer understood and said,”Be with your family”. I am fortunate enough to work with people who are kind and understanding.  I find hard to believe the Knicks organization isn’t the same.  Jeff Hornacek probably would have done what he did last night, start Brandon Jennings and told Rose to update him on his family. If Derrick was an adult, there is no story, his team mates would respond in the post game presser, “Derrick had a family emergency” and the sports media world would have focused on Carmelo getting ejected again.

It’s no secret Derrick Rose has been unhappy with his new team.  He is looking at the free agency and counting down the days until he regains his freedom.  His actions yesterday in my opinion prove he has no regard for his team or the fans. People buy overpriced tickets to see you Derrick, trust me it isn’t for the nine game slide your team is on.  It was a tough pill to swallow this summer learning Mr. Rose showed despicable moral character when he was accused and acquitted of sexual assault, but sports fans tend to be more forgiving and Mr. Rose became New York’s basketball savior.

Now the Knicks are no closer to saving grace, as a matter of fact, the front office has proven it doesn’t have this free falling implosion under control.  Phil Jackson wouldn’t answer any questions last night, possibly because he didn’t have any, but he still left his head coach to flounder in a situation Jackson should have been handling. Mark my words January 10th is the day the Knicks died.  Not only does only fining Rose send a message, players aren’t held accountable for their childish acts, it’s the day the front office decided 2017 is already a wrap.

Derrick Rose do better, you still have chance to be a great player, one that uplifts his team and his community.  If Mr. Rose doesn’t shape up he’s just another cautionary tale of a rich black man that didn’t give a damn!

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