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These 3 Women Are Currently Making History

For many years, women have put in much hard work in order to make a name for themselves and shine brightly. Whatever we put our mind to, we definitely become; as writers, comedians, and even directors, we can do it all. Today, we focus on three badass women who are determined to show the world they aren't letting their hard work go unnoticed.  Issa Rae, Jessica Williams, and Phoebe Robinson are on the rise and making their own history.

Issa Rae

Best known for her HBO show Insecure, Jo-Issa Rae Diop aka Issa Rae is progressing in every way possible. Starting off from YouTube, created and starred in a webisode series called Awkward Black Girl and has leveled up ever since. With her fan base starting from there, they've followed her success and Issa now gives other creators on the rise a chance to showcase their talents with #ShortFilmSundays where Issa displays people's short films to gain exposure. Issa is for the people and the people are definitely for Issa.


Jessica Williams

Having been the youngest correspondent on the Daily Show, Jessica Williams makes her own rules in a subtle way. The 27-year-old actress has made appearances on many movies and shows, including the HBO show Girls, has a podcast with Phoebe Robinson as a co-host called 2 Dope Queens where they discuss just about anything that they want and I'm sure she doesn't plan to stop there. Creating a fun life takes hard work, and Jessica Williams has achieved just that.

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Phoebe Robinson

Phoebe Robinson is a hilarious published writer plus comedian who you wish would be a part of your friend circle. Featured in the NY Times and Vanity Fair, had a web series on Refinery 29 called Woke Bae, being a co-host with Jessica Williams on 2 Dope Queens and was a consultant for season 3 of Broad City; Phoebe puts in the work to achieve her dreams. She currently has a book out, You Can't Touch My Hair discussing being a black women in today's society, in a funny way of course. Phoebe is definitely #career and #life goals.

These three phenomenal women aren't afraid to get their hands dirty in order t to elevate to the top. As an inspiration to other women and young girls, Issa Rae, Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson prove that anything is possible.


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