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It's On! Conor McGregor & Floyd Mayweather Are Gonna Fight!

Ok Power98ers, we just got a reason to enjoy boxing again for a moment.  UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor and boxing champion Floyd Mayweather can't seem to settle their social media beef.  

Twenty-eight year old McGregor told Conan O'Brien 2 years ago that he would fight Floyd which seemed unreal and unlikely at the time.  

Conor stands at 5ft 9in weighing at 155lbs and is currently 21-3with his Mixed martial arts record while Floyd is 5ft 8in weighing 150 lbs and sitting comfortably at 49-0.  

But here's the BIG question we all want to know.  

How will McGregor train for Floyd, only being able to use his hands?  

Will age be a factor for the young McGregor taking on a 40 year old Mayweather.  The fight date is set for  Saturday, August, 26 T-Mobile Arean in Las Vegas  

What are your thoughts.  Will Floyd take his first "L"?  Can he hit 50-0 .

 I want to hear your predictions at the bottom, so please make sure you leave your comments.  

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