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Remy Drops “Another One”

Remy Martin coninues her onslaught of Nicki Minaj by dropping another song "Another One" & a pic(that's NSFW) of the old Minaj on her InstaGram. Listen to it here https://twitter.com/Manatti23/status/837501627342929922/photo/1?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw Rem later deleted the flick for fear of Nicki reporting her page, but there's always somebody that knows somebody that knows.

Harden Finds It Hard ‘Keeping Up With The Kardasians’

Houston Rocket PG James Harden had a taste for the fast life once upon a time until he tripped & stumbled into a relationship with Khloe Kardashian. The relationship only lasting 8 months put the All-Star in unchartered waters when simple tasks like driving his car, or what kind of shoes he was wearing became…

Cardi B Hits Jackpot & Not From LHHNY

Ms. "What A Girl Like" herself Cardi B. has ben a mainstay & a focal element on "Love & Hip-Hop: NY" for 3 seasons now & she's just done what many others have tried. Cardi just inked a multi-million dollar deal with Atlantic Records & has left the cast of LHHNY, stating that she wants to concentrate on…

Carolina Street Connect: Dre Murro

DeAndre “Dre Murro” Moore has been singing since he was two, starting in his church’s youth choir in North Carolina, where he was born. Singing in the church choir really molded his voice into what it is today. His first vocal solo was accompanying his maternal grandmother during her piano recital at the age of…