DJ Khaled Shows Off His New 'Grateful' Jordan 3s

I love it! Since the birth of Ashad, DJ Khaled has been running non-stop to secure the bag! Today he unveiled his new sneaker collab with Jordan, and I have to say them joints Fiiiiiiiya! Khaled is even giving away a pair of the "Grateful" Jordan 3s simply by pre-ordering a copy of the album,…

Carolina Street Connect : Colonel Loud

Born in Fort Lauderdale, but an Atlanta resident for 10 years before settling in to Goldsboro, N.C. Colonel Loud swapped the street life for the studio after years of balancing both hustles. His music revolves around the day-to-day struggles of the average person, something he prides himself on.  

#HitThatPlayButton The Weeknd: Secrets

Starboy dropped a new video yesterday, and also snatched up the cover to the latest issue of "Forbes." CONGRATS!! Random thought: Why didn't someone tell me his name is spelled "Weeknd" and NOT "Weekend." This whole time I've been spelling it wrong, either way, enjoy the video!  

Monday Motivation: Top 10 Celebs Gettin' Money

I don't know about you, but seeing these lists motivate me to be the GREATEST in EVERYTHING I do! Celebs are no different than you and I , they just use their 24 hours more efficiently. I am on the path to utilize my 24 hours to the fullest! We all have billionaire potential, we…

Mary J Blige Ordered To Pay Kendu 30K A Month

Um Um Um. Just messy, but I know Mary is glad it's all over, at least she can focus on the album and touring. Kendu has been granted 30k a month, now that's a lot of damn money, but the bright side he originally asked for 130k, and of course got denied! Mary has expressed her…