Bryson Tiller - Run Me Dry

I think she love meeeeeeee, cause I got this check on me! You can hear me play this song during The Level Up, and now I'm bringing you the video! #HitThatPlayButton  

The Champ And His Seven Women

Floyd Mayweather has knockouts apparently outside the ring with his 7 girlfriends for each day of the week. "How many women I have? Probably about seven deep. Lucky seven. We go out to eat, some of us travel together, having one is too close to none," Mayweather said. Well, seven is the number of completion…

Rihanna Throws Shade With New Makeup Line

Riri has all types of shades, 40 to be exact to introduce her new makeup line Fenty Beauty. "Fenty Beauty was created for everyone for women of all shade, personalities, attitudes, cultures, and races," Rihanna said. Fenty Beauty has all shades for melanin beauties.