Nicki Minaj Will Not Be Attending BET Awards

Even though she's been there for the past 7 years, Nicki decided this year she will not be in attendance. You think it has to do with Remy showing up?! Hmmmmmmmm. Nah. Can't be. I do know they are both up for Female Hip Hop artist of the year along with Missy, Cardi B, and…

Five of the Most Epic Music Feuds in Recent Memory

Regardless of genre, musicians seem to have one thing in common: they love to feud. Whether it's a small comment made in an interview or a carefully targeted tweet, it seems like it doesn't take much to get beef going between some of the music world's biggest stars.

Remy Ma Is Back With Another Diss

and I'm here for all of it!!! Buttafingaz played it in the mix and I had to hear it back! I think Nicki was a lil touched by it too because she put out a twirl, look at me video ???? Remy Ma is a lyrical beast and I hope she gets the shine she deserves!

Wow! Nas And Lauryn Hill On Joint Tour

(Lauryn voice) Oooooh oooooh ooooh!!! Nas and Lauryn Hill have joined forces and decided to tour the U.S. and Canada. The tour will make stops in 17 cities and start around Septemeber. They'll be making their way to NC around Sept.20th to the Red Hat Amphitheater in Raleigh.  

Nicki Minaj Confirms New Boo

So a few weeks ago, Nicki was seen cuddled pretty close to Nas, within 2 minutes, the rumors started flying, of course she denied any relationship. Welp, guess since Meek was seen boo'ed up over the weeeknd, Nicki was like oooooh let me talk about my UPGRADE! She confirmed the rumors on Nas earlier on…

PHOTOS: 2017 Billboard Music Awards Show

See all of the crazy photos from last night's Billboard Music Awards airing on TNT!  Cher and Celine Dion gave some incredible performances alongside Drake winning a record amount of trophies...and Nicki Minaj just being herself!