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April Albritton // Intern Writer

2 weeks ago

Water Cooler Opinion: Martellus Bennett Says No Thanks To The White House!

Martellus Bennett one half of the colorful Bennett … Read More

Pierrea Javon // Freelance Writer

1 month ago

Headlines Spark Criticism Of Zoe Saldana’s Trump Comments

Recently, Zoe Saldana has been criticized for comments … Read More

Pierrea Javon // Freelance Writer

1 month ago

Trump Special Bumps TGIT Season Premiere

Nobody wants to be interrupted while their favorite … Read More


2 months ago

Video: Kanye Spotted Visiting Donald Trump

Kanye was recently spotted after his mental scare … Read More


4 months ago

Trump Tried To Kiss This Little Girl

Holding and kissing babies is a tried and … Read More


5 months ago

The “Empire” Cast Endorses Hillary Clinton For President In New Ad

Entitled “What Will You Say?,” the entire cast … Read More

Willy J. // Staff Writer

5 months ago

Power 98’s “MY VOTE MATTERS” Campaign!

Here’s your ONE STOP SHOP for Voter Information … Read More

Washington Post

12 months ago

Trump Supporter Charged After Sucker-Punching Protester At NC Rally

A Donald Trump supporter has been charged with … Read More

2 years ago

Carolina Street Connect: Trump “I Swear”

Hickory, NC’s Trump is our Carolina Street Connect … Read More