Scrappy Shows Love To His Ex Bambi - He Misses Her

As much turmoil as the two of these have gone through, mostly on tv, I knew deep down, he really loves Bambi. I honestly feel like one of the hardest parts about being in a relationship on tv, is the fact that you are on television. It can make a relationship great, or it can…

Karen King Is Producing A Love Show For Scrapp Deleon

I guess Mommy knows best! Karen King is putting together a love contest to find the next woman to be on Scrapp Deleon's arm. When I first heard about it, I said no way this is true. Then I saw the website and said chillllllle this is some tea right here! LOL. Check this out.…

Safaree Gets His Own Show

Lawwwwwwwwwwd. I can't take it! It't so much going on over at VH1, and Safaree is getting in on the deal. I'm not sure if "Wild Safaree" is a working title or the actual title of the show, however, I'm sure it's going to be funny to say the least. Check out the announcement. God…

The Funniest Moments Of Tami Roman

Listen! I love Tami Roman gets to reading honey, cause she will read your tail for filth ok! FILTH! Well VH1, did an exclusive bit of some of Tami's funniest moments. I have to say, I laughed the entire time. Tami is FOOL! Some of the stuff she said, I would say, so heyyyyy boo!

Sneak Peek: Kandi Makes An Appearance On Love And Hip Hop

For Kandi to have an appearance on Love and Hip Hop, the marriage issues that Kirk and Rasheeda are facing must be hella real. Plus, one would think her contract does not allow it. Either way it goes, in this clip, Kandi speaks some realness to Rasheeda. I hope Kirk's ass is watching!