Chicago Kardashian-West!

You heard right, Chicago West or Chi West is the name of the newest edition of the Kardashian-West family! Do you love it? None the less fans are screaming with joy and excitement as the West keep fans on edge waiting for the first picture of their baby girl! Congratulations to Kim and Kanye!  

Trump Says Haiti is a Sh*thole!

Trump forgot to hold his tongue...again! During a discussion for a plan referring to Haiti immigrant protection, Trump had an interesting comment for lawmakers. Trump reportedly said to officials "Why are we having all these people from sh*thole countries come here?"

Trump Paid Adult-Film Star

So far 2018 IS NOT TRUMPS YEAR! Stephanie Clifford has let the cat out the bag! She slept with President Trump back in 2006, allegedly right before his marriage to Melania.  

Kendrick Joins Nike

Kendrick has partnered with Nike with the release of his CORTEZ KENNY I  dropping on SNKRS app. The shoe is said to cost $100 and originally rumored to drop the night of the Grammy's (Jan.26th)