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Octopus Makes A 'Finding Nemo' Escape - Because Wild Animals Are Wild!

All drains lead to the ocean, right?

An octopus makes a dynamic escape in New Zealand, and escaped down a pipe to the ocean. Cue the escape scene in Finding Nemo.

Finding Nemo- Escape from the fish tank

Finding Nemo The scene where Nemo escapes from the fish tank.


According to The Washington Post, New Zealand's National Aquarium followed the suction cup tracks to find that Inky the Octopus peaced out through the floor of a 6 inch wide drain. Though this incident took place 3 months ago, it became public on Tuesday.

Watch Inky when he was in his habitat, here.

Watch Inky the octopus before his famed escape

Inky the octopus has won international fame after his stealthy escape from the National Aquarium of New Zealand. Here's how Inky spent his time at the aquarium before breaking free. ( ) Watch Inky the octopus before his famed escape


Inky is a strong independent Octopus that don't need no aquarium!


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