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Birthday Girl Sarah Jessica Parker Speaks Out On Shoes And Sexism

Sarah Jessica Parker is known for her iconic role as writer and shoe fanatic Carrie Bradshaw in HBO’s Sex and the City.

Though we may not have always agreed with her relationship choices (or understood how she made enough to support her lavish lifestyle) you have to admit that Carrie’s character was SO relatable.

While her SATC days may be done, Sarah Jessica Parker—whose birthday is on March 25th—is going Carrie on us once again as she talks about shoes, but this time it’s for a more important reason. SJP is sounding off on female workwear constructs.

The SJP Collection creator says, “I work the shoe floor and a big part of my conversations with customers is to tell them that if you are wearing a purple shoe, that doesn’t make your brain any less capable. You are still the same person that comes with all the same information. Men are allowed to wear any color of tie to the office and for women, shoes should be their tie.”


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The conversation was sparked after debates raged within an English parliamentary committee about what women should or shouldn’t be required to wear to the office.


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