TechBuzz: There's A New Social Media App To Rival Snapchat And Instagram

I mean, do we really need a 4th functioning "this is what I'm doing right now" app? Does anyone remember the launch of Google+ or is that just me?

First came Snapchat, and we rejoiced. Then came Instagram Stories, and many retired Snapchat to have their social media all in one place. Then Facebook, the parent company of Instagram, creates a stories function in Messenger. Now, that's 3 things already. So why did Apple think they should create a 4th program just like this?

DesignTaxi reports that Apple has released an "innovative and creative application" that sets up putting designs over video clips, and movies, and you can create video clips of your own. It's basically iMovie for the social spectrum.

One of the newer features that is not on any other app: the Captions. You will now be able to create videos that have captions that you set as you say them out loud. (To see this in a demonstration, check out the CNET video below.)

There are animated posters, and you can share your 'Clips,' as it's called, on other social media accounts. The drawback (other than needing ANOTHER social app) is that Clips will only be available through the App Store, i.e. only for Apple users, and if you're dying to use it, you must update your iOS to 10.3.


Apple Clips makes it simple to craft viral videos (CNET News)

Read the CNET article here - A new iOS app helps you create square videos with special effects and captions, designed for sharing on social media.


CNET notes in their video that the Clips application will be available in the beginning of April.


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