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5 Makeup Tips To Keep You From Melting This Summer

Spring weather is finally here, which means Summer is approaching.

Spring and summer are both filled with music festivals, vacations, cookouts and one hot day after another. Many girls want to enjoy the summer fun, but not at the risk of their make-up melting off their face. Check out some tips that will help keep your make up fresh in the heat.


Use An Oil Free Moisturizer: No matter what time of the year, maintaining good skin underneath your make up is always key. You want to start with a healthy canvas and during the summer an oil free moisturizer will keep that canvas from shining.


Invest In A Good Primer: Many people skip over this step when applyinh your make up, but you will find in the summer time a good primer can make all the difference. A primer stops your make up from sliding around on your face throughout the day and some pore filler primers can also make your finished look appear more flawless.


Keep It Light: In the middle of a heatwave the last thing you want are 2 layers of foundation, concealer and a powder caked on your face. In the summer time opt for just a tinted moisturizer and maybe just a concealer for your trouble areas. You will find that less really is more in the heat and half way through the day your face will thank you.


Setting Spray: A good setting spray is great in all kinds of weather, to give you either a dewy or matte finish. On those long summer days, a matte finishing spray will make you look dry and matte even if you’re sweating down your back.


Blotting papers: This make-up secret can be an oily girl’s best friend when your outdoor event doesn’t have an ending time. You can pop these papers right in your purse and use them to dab away the excess oil when you're starting to feel like a grease ball.


Do you have any great makeup tips that we missed? Let us know, we'd love to share them!

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