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Twitter Beefs: Is It Ever Really Okay?

Social media has served as a huge platform for singers, dancers, comedians and make-up artists to name a few.

Social media allows you to connect with people, promote your brand and get feedback that is both good and bad. However, the downside to social media has to be all the negativity and "beefs" that go on all down your timeline.

Earlier this week Tiny went to Instagram to let Bernice Burgos know that TI is her husband and forget what he may be telling her.

#Tiny still isn't playing around with #BerniceBurgos and wants her to know her husband isn't going anywhere. We wonder if Bernice can identify with this throwback song. Peep the lyrics. ?

1,886 Likes, 291 Comments - efb. (@entertainmentforbreakfast) on Instagram: "#Tiny still isn't playing around with #BerniceBurgos and wants her to know her husband isn't going..."

Just Last week French Montana argued with someone on Twitter that voiced their opinion about not caring for him.

lex on Twitter

Yo this French Montana beef has me DYINNNNN

So many times we see blogs like The Shade Room and Baller Alert keep us up on the drama amongst profiles, but it makes you wonder if any of it necessary.  Is there ever an instance that warrants social media arguments??

✯Keenan Watson✯ on Twitter

Know what's hilarious bout that French Montana thing: he said nothing different than what females say to each other in a major beef lol

Celebrities of course deal with haters all the time, as social media allows people with no voice to weigh in on someone's personal life since it appears to be public. On the other hand, celebrities go back and forth with one another all the time and their millions of followers just watch to see what tea is spilled next.

#ClapBackSeason: GabrielleUnion served clap back after clap back ! Thoughts?

31.2k Likes, 1,036 Comments - The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on Instagram: "#ClapBackSeason: GabrielleUnion served clap back after clap back ! Thoughts?"

When people argue on a public forum it invites more eyes and opinions to weigh in on your business. When it comes to sacred things like friendships, family, and marriage you would hope that some things are best to stay behind closed doors. Have we created a world that is so social media driven that all doors seem to be open?

Are you digging seeing everyone's dirt on your feeds? Or would you rather the negativity stay off line?

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