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Disney Makeup Creations Are The Way of the Future

Remember when Lady Gaga rocked the stage as David Bowie? Her magically changing face make up wowed audiences everywhere while she remembered the life of a rock legend. Believe it or not, her makeup was powered by a Disney creation.

Lady gaga. Grammys 2016 performance david bowie tribute

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Fast Company, which is a part of Walt Disney’s scientific-research branch, has developed a way to add pixels to the human face. As Refinery 29 stated the new project “uses face-tracking technology to project digital pixels onto the skin.” The Makeup Lamps create an illusion that the person has transformed into another character without a touch of makeup.

Makeup Lamps: Live Augmentation of Human Faces via Projection

We propose the first system for live dynamic augmentation of human faces. Using projector-based illumination, we alter the appearance of human performers during novel performances. The key challenge of live augmentation is latency - an image is generated according to a specific pose, but is displayed on a different facial configuration by the time it is projected.

The technology behind the Makeup Lamps is rather interesting. Most would think that if you place a project on a person’s face, that it would stay stagnant until someone else changed the photograph. Fast Company thought of this issue and invented a way for the pixels to react to a human’s face. The “responsive pixels” can quickly alter and changed within 10 milliseconds. Each pixel that is added to a person’s expression is determined by the way a person’s face moves.

We are not too sure how this will affect future projects, but by judging it on other projects, it will drastically alter how we view the special affects world. With this new technology, actors will not have to sit in make up chairs for hours on end in order to prepare for an upcoming scene. They would just be able to stand in front of the camera and transform in front of the crew’s eyes. Plus too, could you imagine what deceased celebrity biopics would be like? That celebrity could honestly become that legendary person.

We are sure that as this Makeup Lamp progresses, there will be a larger accessibility rate for the general public. At least, one would hope so! All of our Instagram pictures would be mighty impressive!


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