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Willy J // Staff Writer

Castmates from the upcoming The Real Side Chicks Of Charlotte stopped by the Power 98 to talk with The Morning Maddhouse about their new show…and they dished on EVERYTHING!

As the #1 trending show in the land…including Rihanna, Snoop Dogg, Tenisha Thomas sharing it on social media & blogs…the ladies of “Real Side Chicks” were eager to share their experiences as being a side chick in the Queen City.

Shadore Blackwell, Lynette, Storm, and Brittney Brixxx auditioned for the show created by Mr. 704 originally conceptualized as a music video. But with all of the feedback, a movie director in L.A. said it could be one of the best reality shows in the game.

And you know the backlash would come swiftly!  The ladies don’t really care about being known as a ‘side chick,’ but why be called that ‘when your side man is coming to us,’ says Lynette.

“Are you doing what you’re supposed to be doing to keep him?” says Shadore.

“It’s different hustles…it’s different ways of getting money. It’s all about bringing you into our lifestyle and showing you what’s going on in our everyday lives,” says Storm.  “Either you’re going to like it or not.”

And these real ladies aren’t looking currently for monogamous relationships. They’re cool with the title ‘side chick’ forgoing all of the responsibilities that come with dating and being married.

Do you think they are glorifying being a side chick?  They want you to be more aware that it’s going on in everyday life and make sure you’re doing the right thing so you don’t experience heartbreak.

Watch the full interview below to hear which lady gets in the most fights, approve of her man having multiple side chicks, life beyond being a side chick, and a typical night of being a side chick.

‘Real Side Chicks of Charlotte’ currently isn’t expected to air on a TV network as of yet, but better believe from all the buzz on social media & streets, you’ll be able to see these episodes soon!