(Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images)

Lil Kim Is Involved In An $20k BET Weekend Robbery

The streets of LA were filled this weekend with your favorite hip hop artists for the B.E.T Awards including the Queen herself, Lil Kim. The female hip-hop mogul rented a house to stay in during the awards but when she arrived at the rented home is was not to the queen's liking.

Lil Kim expressed her disappointment to either the owner or the property manager and was told that she could not receive a refund. After being told that the $20,000 was a loss, the situation got heated and turned into an argument that involved the police. Lil Kim and crew left the rented home and after received info that the house was broken into around 4 am by robbers in ski masks and weapons... AND Kim's $20,000 deposit check. DAMN! Lil Kim and team have yet to comment on the situation.