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These Cute Puppy Photos Can Turn That Frown Upside Down

Life does come with a pause button- even if you never take advantage of it. It's there. 

The truth of the matter is, sometimes we need a break from our everyday stressors. We need to refresh. We need to hit the pause button when our days become too overwhelming.

Sometimes, we just need to tell life to put on the brakes. Sometimes, we just need to be swarmed by cute little puppies. When you are in need of a little bit of positivity or motivation, take a break and glance at these adorable puppy pictures. You'll forget all your frustrations and that feeling that the world is crashing down.

According to DogTime.com, dogs serve as therapy for college students, hospital guests, and senior citizens and can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. I know when I get home after a tiring day at work or after experiencing something traumatic, my Maltipoo instantly warms my heart. We know you can feel that uplift, too!

Aww! Look at these precious faces! We hope this will make your week! Remember, if you're just so down in the dumps, these little guys are right here to help you comfort you! Don't have a pup of your own? You'll want one now!

Puppies ???? on Twitter

for your viewing pleasure

Retriever Planet on Twitter

momma kisses makes everything ok https://t.co/OUBTXQWzxN

cute pups on Twitter


cute pups on Twitter

forever wanting a Dalmatian puppy????

Puppy Pics on Twitter

Such a cute little pup https://t.co/0zRKKHGXfS

Puppy Pics on Twitter

He's so squishy https://t.co/vtmqP7Gjh7

Puppy Pics on Twitter

THIS IS SO CUTE ????????

cute pups on Twitter

I want each of them ???????? https://t.co/DS1c1Oww17

Puppy Pics on Twitter

I want them all https://t.co/7dMz7XmsxS



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