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Close-up of red lipgloss dripping from woman's lips over white background

In case you haven’t seen almost every female on the planet retweet this news, now here’s your chance to find out how to score free lipstick!

MAC Cosmetics will be giving away Free Lipstick on National Lipstick Day this Saturday, July 29.

Connected to the giveaway is the Lips Lips Lips lineup, according to InStyle, which has about every single color you could ever think of.

Reports say that these aren’t testers, either! You just show up and pick the lipstick of choice, and you are going to want to make sure to get up early to snag this deal.

None of the reports from Allure to Glamour, to Refinery 29 say if there’s a specific finish, but all note that the $17 ones are the freebies, so dive in, and possibly prep the shade ideas you have to grab, because we’re sure there will be a run on these items!


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