Photo by Chris Hyde/Getty Images

Sport E Odie HAD Guns Pulled On Him By CMPD & Feared For His Life

I literally thought I was going to become a hashtag... Last night I had 4 police officers surround my truck, with guns and flashlights pointed at me.

They gave conflicting commands like "Don't Move" and "Roll your back windows down" smh.

They asked me if I had anyone else in the car and commanded me to get out with their guns still pointed at me.

They cuffed me and searched my black Tahoe with permanent tags as I stood there cuffed in blue jeans.

I said all that to say, nothing about me fit the description.

They were looking for a green Tahoe with temp tags  and a driver with gray shorts on.

I thought is was over ya'll. SMH

I will say the this, the officer didn't mistreat me at all.

I just wanted to share this because we have seen time after time where individuals don't live to speak about this experience.

The key to me making it home was staying as calm as possible.

The officer ended up apologizing 3 times, gave me his info and his bosses info in case I felt mistreated.

It was just a scary situation as a whole SMH.