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The Fight For Equality In The NFL Continues

It's aggravating that in America today, we have to write pieces with the title above. The first part of the reason that I'm writing this stems from comments from Ray Lewis.

Ray recently did an interview with CBS Sports. He spoke about the fact that Colin Kapernick's girlfriend Nessa, tweeted a racial gesture, and according to him, and that is the reason why Kap didn't get signed to the Ravens. According to Lewis, The Ravens were apparently extremely close to signing. Even wanted a reportedly yes or no from Ray to sign him.

This is what I don't get. Why can the NFL and team owners pick and choose their battles to deal with, but not players. I hate to bring up Ray Lewis' situation from 17 years ago, but let's be honest, it's not like Colin is kneeling for something so horrible. Ray Lewis, Mike Vick, and others all came back to the NFL, but Colin can't even get a backup job?

Let's take it a bit further. Recently Ezekiel Elliott was accused of charges related to a domestic violence incident. Now, not taking up for Zeke, but, there wasn't sufficient evidence and the charges were dropped. Now, some reports stated there witness statements that the alleged victim vowed to ruin him. Even statements made that she was white and he was black and he would be ruined. Something to that effect. What's even worse, Kia Roberts, Director of Investigations for the NFL, recommended a ZERO GAME SUSPENSION. Then, she was BANNED from the punishment meetings. Now if that makes sense to you, then help me understand because that sounds like pure BS to me!

Part of me feels like the higher ups in the NFL may feel like, "What's really going to happen?" People are still going to come and watch the games. We won't really lose so it's whatever." Am I wrong for feeling that way? Am I wrong to want to see people not just of color win, but everyone? Hell no I'm not wrong. People of color have had so many struggles over the past few hundreds of years and will never be seen equal in some people's eyes. Whether you want to believe it or not, it's the truth! People of color make so much money for the NFL and the least that can be done is equality shown in certain situations! I just wish a few of the players would get together, break the barrier and purchase an NFL team. Owned by the players and for the players! If you didn't like this piece.....well......I will let you know when I care.

I say all of that to say that the equality is not there, never was, and probably never will be. One of these days people will realize the fight that Colin has been trying to fight and they are going to need that fight. Here is a prime example of what Colin was fighting for. I'm going to sit it right here and let it marinate.... By the way, Michael Bennett plays for the Seattle Seahawks......