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#NoseyNeighborNews: Keyshia Knew She Loved Gucci When This Happened!

HEEEEEEEEY BOOS!  Here's your #NoseyNeighborNews for Wednesday, Oct. 4th.  (wit yo Nosey A$$) 

We are just 13 days away from the wedding of 2017….Gucci Mane and Keyshia Ka’ior.  The soon to be Mrs. Guwap recently sat down with some of my Nosey Neighbors and told them she fell in love with Gucci when she bathed him.

“I went on tour with Gucci in 2010 — that is when it really started to get serious. I fell in love with Gucci when I bathed him .?.?. I put him in a shower and just bathed him. I just did things to him and he looked at me and said, ‘Wow, no one has ever bathed me before.’”

She also made it very clear that EVERYONE, including the camera crew must wear white or risk being thrown out.  Catch “Gucci Mane & Keyshia Ka’ior: The Mane Event” on Tuesday, October 17th at 10pm on BET.  I just love them!

A Gangsta & his Bride ????

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The drama is going strong on the new season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.  The ladies were filming in Barcelona when Porsha and Marlo got into an altercation.  Things got crazy and security had to separate the 2.  Word is the producers told Porsha she had to leave.  But according to the her, she left on her on!

#blessedandhighlyfavored ❤️#peaceofmind #MyChoice #lovingthenewme????

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Despite what we are seeing on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, rumor is Keyshia Cole’s ex-husband Daniel “Booby” Gibson is taking her to court for full custody of their son and spousal support.  Well Booby wants everyone to know that is complete false!  They are currently working through everything and the process is amicable.

Happy day!!!!!! About to go see how amazing this 2Pac movie about to be!!!! Yes! I'm excited!!!!

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*Been taking a break from social media but had a message from my heart that the spirit moved me to share today. I think as men...brothers in arms...fathers, we should acknowledge each other in great numbers on this day. The mothers have the luxury of having the whole world supporting them on their day. Us....not so much. Lol The moral of this message is: We must hold each other to a standard of excellence in our efforts to be great men for ourselves, women, our parents and most importantly our kids. Fathers can single handedly change the problems of the world overnight if we took that same love, dedication, fearlessness, sacrifice & Simply, being responsible as we do as fathers, and take on the problems of the world one by one & looked them in the eye as if they were one of our children. Do you see were I'm going. Good fathers should be synonymous with good men. If that were true there would be no poverty, hunger and war!! Let's try to put a little more effort into making the world a better place for our children outside of the home. Because we know exactly what it takes to build an awesome world for our kids within our homes. Honor our women & show those watching the way to go. HAPPY FATHERS DAY BROTHERS, keep up the good work. The world is a better place because of you & it can be an even better place because of you!! Be proud of each other!!

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Memba I told yall about Tyrese’s ex wife accusing him of physically abusing their 10 year old daughter.  Well the LA Dept. of Children and Family Services is now looking into the situation.  According to his ex Norma, Tyrese would beat their daughter and take her to Dubai for long periods of time without communicating with her.  Tyrese’s people say Norma is just bitter because he has a new wife and she is lying.  I’m sure Tyrese will be posting about this on IG in 3……2……….


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