You absolutely love their music, but if you want to love your favorite artists even more, these stories should do the trick.

These artists took time out of world tours, photo shoots, and recording sessions to surprise their biggest fans. Needless to say, the reactions are epic.

Katy Perry poses as modern art

You know when you’re in a modern art museum and you can’t quite tell if you’re staring at an exhibit or just a regular old fire extinguisher? Katy Perry took advantage of that whole issue, and used it to surprise some fans.


When Beyonce made lunchtime SO much cooler for these students

These students had learned some choreography set to Queen Bey’s music as part of an event dedicated to fighting childhood obesity. Their hard work paid off when Beyonce herself appeared in the middle of their routine.


When Lady Gaga surprised three of her biggest fans

Lady Gaga had an incredible impact on three Little Monsters when she showed up to surprise them during her Born This Way Foundation’s event at Harvard University.


When Taylor Swift showed up at a fan’s home after talking with them on Instagram

Lara, a mega Taylor Swift fan, thought her dreams had come true when Tay Tay joined in on her live stream. Little did she know, she would end up getting an in-person visit from the pop star. Taylor came, of course, with merchandise in tow.

@tellytubbytaylor @cranberrytaylor HUGE CREDS TO ROBERT FOR SCREEN RECORDING MY REACTION!!!❤️❤️THIS IS SO HILARIOUS SKNNNNDNSNS !! @taylorswift @taylorswift

5,169 Likes, 317 Comments - lara ♡t+l+y+e~#1 hygtg stan☔︎ (@laraheartstaylor) on Instagram: "@tellytubbytaylor @cranberrytaylor HUGE CREDS TO ROBERT FOR SCREEN RECORDING MY REACTION!!!❤️❤️THIS..."

When Sophia Grace (remember her?) finally got to meet Nicki Minaj

Remember Sophia Grace, the singing, dancing, pint-sized star? Ellen DeGeneres continued to make dreams come true when she let the YouTube sensation meet her rap hero live on the show. It was was heartwarming.

If these stars feel like paying us a visit next, we wouldn’t hate it. We promise to deliver just as charming and genuinely shocked a reaction as the people they previously surprised!



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