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Intern's Corner With Grant: Haunted Carolina

Check out these "actually haunted" local places!As the weather in the Carolinas starts to cool down, it's beginning to feel like Autumn again. It's the perfect weather to ring in Halloween and perfect weather for ghost hunting. Whether or not you believe in ghosts, spirits, specters, etc, these locations are sure to give you a spook in the dead of night.

Keep in mind, most of these places are abandoned and could be hazardous or privately owned.

Spencer Mountain House

Also known as Pharr Yarns mansion or the Old Love house, this is one of the more popular sites situated in Lowell/Ranlo. Built in the early 1700's atop the old Spencer Mountain memorial cemetery, it's easily one of the oldest buildings in the area though people argue as to whether or not it really is haunted.

There are plenty of tragic tales circulating about an entire family murdered among other things. None of these stories are confirmed and you're likely to hear a different tale for every group you explore with.

The building is now abandoned and in pretty bad shape, the inside is covered with graffiti ranching from disturbing to comical, as well as your basic ruble and debris. There are reports of some spooky occurrences, like batteries being drained quickly in the house, or strange noises being heard just outside the walls. A few explorers have reported seeing a female in white on the top floor, normally on the balcony or staring at them from windows.

Lincoln Academy

Lincoln Academy was built in 1888 in Kings Mountain and was originally a boarding school for African-American girls. the school was closed in 1955 and all that remains is its foundation and the 14 acres of land that the school had owned which includes a cemetery which was the site of a grisly murder. In 1974 16-year-old Kathleen Smiley from Atlanta was kidnapped after running out of gas on the interstate. Police say she was taken to the aforementioned cemetery where she was tied to a tree and ultimately killed. You can read more about the crime with newspaper clippings HERE.

The two men involved in the crime were ultimately charged and sentenced but some folks say that they were framed by a satanic cult that actually carried out the murder. Like many other "haunted" locations, locals say that the tree Kathleen was tied to still stand there today and smells of rotting flesh. Others report shadowy figures among the headstones and sounds of children crying.

Stonewall Jackson Reform School

In Concord, the Stonewall Jackson Youth Development Center was a juvenile correctional facility was opened in 1909 and was the first juvenile corrections facility in North Carolina. Viewed as progressive for its time, it was largely regarded as a positive institution, providing troubled boys with an education and trade. However, boys were often incarcerated for minor incidences with police and over the years, folks started to wonder about how its denizens were faring.

After world war 2, the facility was the site of 6 sterilizations performed on young boys. North Carolina was one of the last states to end state sterilization. the school came under fire many times for other instances of abuse from beatings to sexual assault. With horror stories like these, it's easy to see why some feel this place is haunted.

I should warn you, while most of the buildings in question have been long abandoned, there are still parts of this school in use that hold prisoners today. The ground is still state property and is rumored to have police patrols to watch for anyone snooping around for a scare.