Alexander Koerner/Getty Images

Intern's Corner With Grant: Power 98 Alexa Shoot

In my latest adventure as an intern here at Beasley, I was brought along for a video shoot.

Recently I was given an assignment to shadow a video shoot that Power 98 was doing to spread the word that you can use your Amazon "Alexa" to tune into Power 98 FM (how cool is that?). I was put under the care of Mark, one of the resident videographers here. Along with two other videographers, Nick and Paul, we met up with the Morning Madhouse crew and made our way outside to the Power 98 Van.

Miss Jessica, Burpie, and Mr. Incognito are all just as funny in person, easily bouncing off one another. This was especially useful during the skit where Miss Jessica is the voice of a sassy Alexa meant to antagonize Burpie.

I began to watch the others go to work framing shots, setting up microphones, and guiding the talent through the skit.

It's easy to see that a video production is an important tool for a radio station. The versatility of shooting video can be used in a number of ways to strengthen what gets put out over the air.

After a couple takes the skit was done and it was time to get out of the cold, It didn't take long but I was able to get a nice refresher course on shooting video. Oh, and I got to use a clapperboard, which was extremely satisfying.

Grant Fagan is an intern and broadcasting student