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Hey Hey!!  Here’s your #NoseyNeighborNews for Thursday, Nov. 16th.  (wit yo Nosey A$$)


Have yall seen Nicki Minaj’s Paper Magazine cover??   Nicki is having a “Minaj A Trois” with herself for their annual “Break The Internet” cover and it has her ex all in his feelings.  Safaree posted a message under the cover saying “Can we please figure something out–these are the kind of pictures I always wanted you to take for me.”  I guess Nicki has no intention of rekindling that old flame because she didn’t respond to the message and Safaree later deleted it.  (insert sad face emoji)


Meek Mill is working hard to get his 2-4 year sentence throw out.  But until that happens, the rapper is spending his time behind bars in solitary…..23 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Prison officials say that are keeping him confined for his safety.  Meek’s lawyer say it taking a toll on his creativity and are worried.


The holiday season is upon us, which means family, food, and Mariah Carey concerts!  But it looks like that might not happen this year.  Mimi took to her social media to say that she has to cancel her some of her holiday shows due to an upper respiratory infection.  Mariah was supposed kick off her Christmas tour this Friday but it has been pushed back to Nov. 27th.


Kim Kardashian just made $10 million in ONE DAY!  (yup you read that right!)  The business women dropped her new fragrances online early Wednesday morning and fans bought em up without even taking a whiff!  Only 300,000 of the bottles were produced and they are all expected to sell by TONIGHT!  If that happens Mrs. Kardashian-West will have made $14 million in less than 2 days!



Drake was not having it last night! The rapper stopped his show to call out a man in the crowd that was inappropriately touching women. Check out the video below.#NoHarveyWeinsteining



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