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Ciara Is In Hot Water After This Controversial Tweet

This past weekend Ciara took to Twitter to give some marriage advice to all your single ladies out there.

You can usually find Ciara posting on her Instagram about her lavish life and happy marriage with Seattle Seahawks quarterback, Russell Wilson, but on this particular occasion, she caused quite a stir.

According to HotNewHipHop, Ciara took to both Twitter & Instagram to share a video (below) of pastor John W. Gray III, preaching on how women need to carry themselves as a wife if they want to become a wife, and a lot of women are carrying themselves as a girlfriend and looking to become a wife.

Ciara on Twitter

LevelUp https://t.co/rmS0WMOV1B

And being that Instagram & Twitter are indeed giant social networks where anyone can give their opinion, Ciara received just that.

January 29th on Twitter

Ciara's playing a dangerous game. You should never, no matter how perfect your relationship/marriage appears to be, sit on a throne and tell people why they're not romantically successful. You can be the queen of the ball today and have cake in your face tomorrow!

Michael Arceneaux on Twitter

Every so often, Ciara does something that reminds you to be grateful for the time Rihanna got her ass together on Twitter.

La on Twitter

If I could teach twitter anything, it would be the value of "both things can be true." Ciara can be deserving of a loving husband and involved stepparent without being a hoe AND there can issues with the way she has framed the social status of marriage. BOTH THINGS CAN BE TRUE.

*~Bea on Twitter

@ciara So many sermons are tailored to telling women what they're doing wrong. But, why aren't there more teachings about men being the husband any woman would say 'yes' to? Not saying women should propose. Saying men get ya act together first!

Now, we know that marriage differs from couple to couple, but Ciara seems to think that this is the best way to do it as if it's that simple.

Does Ciara have the experience to speak on the matter or is she out of line here?


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