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Nicki Minaj is not happy with Tory Lanez whatsoever. As many of you know Tory Lanez released his new album ‘Memories Don’t Die’ a couple of days ago and he is spilling the tea. What most of you guys don’t know is that Nicki Minaj was originally supposed to be featured on the song “Shooters”. Tory explains in an interview that he asked her to change her verse in a text and she was not feeling it. Now we all know that if you text someone one thing and it comes off to them as another it can become a big mess and that’s exactly what happened. He goes into details saying that he texted her something about her verse on the song and that he did not mean to come off as arrogant in the text. Nicki’s response to Tory’s text was “Well, ni**a, it’s not that serious. Take my verse off the thing.” Now Tory says that there is no beef between them and that he still wants to work with Nicki. What are your comments on the situation? Do you think Nicki would ever work with Tory again? Leave us a comment below on your thoughts.

MILK DUD ????????

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