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So, there’s someone out there named Eymun Talasazan who’s trying to rip on some pretty good trademarks. Well, Abel isn’t going to let that happen to ‘Starboy.’

According to XXL‘s report, Talasazan has attempted to trademark the phrase ‘Starboy,’ and The Weeknd‘s legal team dug up some great information on the case.

TMZ unearthed some documents that noted that Talasazan filed the trademark for use on TV projects and comics AFTER the single came out, as well as when The Weeknd linked up with Marvel on a comic book.

Apparently, when digging, The Weeknd’s lawyers saw he also filed trademarks for “Straight Outta Bombton,” and “Runnin’ Through The 6,” trying to snag some royalties from ‘Straight Outta Compton,’ and Drake‘s song with the same phrase.

Looks like the dude isn’t going to really get anything out of this – but hopefully, it’s a lesson to seasoned artists and up and coming artists: If you think that your branded song/album title/phrase is going to take off, maybe you should get that trademarked.

Imagine how much more money Drake would be worth if he would have trademarked “YOLO.”


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