(Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Marc Jacobs)

Nicki Minaj Is Spilling Some Major Tea Over The Cardi B. Beef

Nicki Minaj is facing the Cardi B. feuding rumors head on. While promoting her two new singles 'Barbie Tingz' and 'Chun-Li' with Beats 1, she gets a little candid on the Cardi B. beef and the 'Motorsport' verse change. However, before addressing the beef, Nicki congratulated Cardi on her success. Now going further into the interview Nicki reveals that Cardi had actually hurt her feelings in the first interview she did for the single. Nicki then states that she felt ambushed on the single because everyone painted her as the villain when that wasn't the case. The original verse of 'Motorsport' indeed leaked last night take a listen below and Nicki Minaj's interview video below.

Now if you listen to the verse Nicki says,"If Cardi the QB, I’m Nick Lombardi". So it just goes to show that Nicki was being named as the villain all this time when she didn't even do anything wrong at all.