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How would you like to walk off stage after Coachella only to find that two of the biggest names in music were waiting for you after your set?

That was the reality that 6lack had once he left the stage, when he came face to face with Beyonce and Jay Z.

He posted about the encounter on Twitter, saying “just got off stage at Coachella & found out jay & bey were watching my set. not only that, they were waiting to meet. Idk if I’m supposed to say that but f*** it, life is dope.”

He didn’t go into what they talked about, but considering that Jay and Bey never open those floodgates unless they think you’re SUPER TALENTED, chances are there could be a future collaboration or a Tidal deal in his future.

He wasn’t the only one that was blessed with good tidings from Jay Z. Video also surfaced of HOV patting Cardi B’s tummy, and then giving her “prayer hands” as a congratulatory measure. Cardi looks so starstruck she doesn’t move.


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