Great Local Alternative Gift Giving Ideas For Mother's Day

Mother's Day is only a few days away. Hopefully, you have gotten all the gifts you need to. If not, don't worry. I have you covered.Sometimes there are people that I come across that either don't have great gift giving ideas or they feel like they have gotten everything. So guess what, I'm going to help you out. Here are a few great ideas that can help you out.

- The first is my favorite. I know, you're like why start with your favorite? Well, the rest are just that good, thats why. This one is called my #FavoriteThingsBasket. The special mom you are looking to give a gift for I'm sure has some FAVORITE things right? It could be a restaurant, clothing store, pampering spot, and more. This is something that could easily be done by visiting the Dollar Tree. That store is full of all of our favorite snacks, gums, juice, nuts, and more. Head on in and get a few items, then grab a gift certificate or two to top it off. Head on over to Walmart or your favorite craft store. Grab a basket (decorative) and get some netting from the fabric department. Grab some old newspaper to line the bottom of the basket. Then place all the items inside, wrap the netting around the basket and tie at the top (like an Easter basket) and boom! You have an excellent idea and it has a lot of thought put into it. There are AMAZING local businesses in Charlotte to make it happen too.

- This next one is one of my favorites too and could work well for men looking to do something for your wife/girlfriend. You ever saw and outfit and thought to yourself, my wife would look great in this? A lot of men get discouraged with this because they get afraid their lady won't like it. Well, forget that and JUST BUY IT! The key to this gift is HOW you give it. Send your lady on a little scavenger hunt. When she wakes up, have a note by the bed. Send her to the kitchen to breakfast/brunch waiting on her. Lay that outfit on the bed with a note saying "Meet me at the car at 7." Listen fellas, I don't care if you bought a toga, presenting it like that, she's guaranteed to love it. She's gonna brag about it and you will be the best ever! There are plenty of local boutiques to make it happen too. From Free People to Kimberly's Boutique, Kabi 926, Charm City Boutique, and more

-This last one I am uber proud of. Now, I will warn you, it maybe a little pricey, but if you plan it right you can make it happen. With blind deals from companies like Priceline and deals with companies like Groupon, you can pull it off. Purchase a getaway and wait until Mother's Day to leave. Now, this maybe something you have to plan for next year, but at least you have the idea. Tell your special lady to back her bags. Let her know she's going somewhere, but the surprise is in the location. This idea also requires effective listening. Listen to places that she has said that she loves or things that she likes to do and just go and do it. Relationships are about compromise, so no matter who you're taking, she will get great joy from you showing the effort that you want to do something that she loves.

Hope this helps 🙂