Ms. Jessica Surprises "Excellent Educators" For Teacher Appreciation Week

Last week was "Teacher Appreciation Week" and I wanted to do something special for this special group of people.  I asked my Nosey Neighbors to send me letters telling me why their teacher is the best and they started pouring in from all over the Carolinas.  It was tough decision, but I was able to narrow it down to 5 winners.  So, DJ Kue One and I hopped in the Power 98 truck to go surprise some "Excellent Educators".  Let's meet them....

Ms. Jessica & DJ Kue One on the way to surprise some teachers!


Nicole Mosley - Parkwood High School

“I want to nominate Nicole Mosley from Parkwood High School. My son had her last semester in Honors 1 Math. A little background on this fine lady. She assisted the teacher Mr. Bill Davis as his backup on days he couldn't teach due to his cancer. Not only did Nicole teach these kids almost every day, but she also helped them in dealing with Mr. Davis having cancer. When he passed Easter Sunday she personally reached out to all parents, so they could let their kids no. She taught them love, compassion, and math.” – Terri Little




Mrs. Diggs-Garris - Concord High School

“There are many good teachers, but Mrs. Diggs-Garris stands above them all.  When my son, Miles was a freshman at Independence High School, Mrs. Garris made a significant impact on our family.  She took the time to get to know my son and her other students in and out of the classroom.  She often made phone calls to parents, bragging on her students, a task not often done by high school teachers.  During his sophomore and junior years, Mrs. Garris could be seen at almost every football and basketball game cheering on her students and checking their progress academically, even though she had moved to another school.   I watched her on many occasions, quietly give students money to buy food from the concession stand, who might otherwise go hungry. Mrs. Garris walks the walk, she embodies the philosophy of Aristotle, 'Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.'  She has definitely left a lasting impression on my son!” – Daphne Pauldin



Mr. Winston Watson - South Mecklenburg High School

“Mr. Winston Watson is an excellent teacher because he has a great work ethic. He is dedicated to his students and their achievements. Teaching is a demanding job and requires one to give their all and Mr. Watson shows this every day in his dedication to his students and his peers. He is one of the few teachers who possess these skills which makes him an excellent educator.  Mr. Watson is excellent because he doesn't accept failure. He uses every possible angle to help his students achieve their true potential. He motivates us and gives us the necessary tools to succeed. He is also great at communicating with us students. If there are questions he will answer and if he doesn't know he will work hard to find out. Overall Mr. Watson is an excellent educator because he cares.  Mr. Watson is an excellent educator because he strives hard to be a leader in the classroom but also in the community. Mr. Watson not only teaches but he mentors students as well. He is involved in the RISE program at his high school, a program that mentors black and brown students. He is great at bringing students together and allowing them to express themselves and voice their concerns. He gives students an outlet that most teachers don't. Mr. Watson is an excellent educator and should be rewarded” –Ianetta Muhammad


Christina Walters - Piedmont Community Charter School

“Christina Walters is a high school science teacher at my school. I have had her for biology, chemistry and Anatomy honors. Science, personally is not my best subject but she actually made me want to learn even though I knew I would not understand it completely. Mrs. Walters is a loving teacher and she makes coming to school worth it. Her teaching style is amazing you have hands on activities, times where you sit and listen but she makes sure you understand what she is saying. My favorite thing in her class is when she allows each student to do a PowerPoint and teach the class on a certain subject. I feel that helps a lot of students out. Mrs. Walters loves her job teaching and you can tell everyday she has a bright smile and can turn the atmosphere in a room around. I absolutely love her and I will miss her when I graduate this year.” –Demoniya Cole


Quatavis Liles - Anson Middle School

“I Am A Student At Anson Middle School.   My Teacher Mr. Quatavis Liles Goes Above & Beyond! He Does More Than What Is Expected Of Him. He Actually Makes Time To Have One On One, Missing Lunch And Planning Periods Just To Help His Students With Classwork & Homework! He's The Best.” – Daisy Allen



Shout out to all the "Excellent Educators" out there that go above and beyond every day!  We appreciate you!  I appreciate you!  

xoxo, Ms. Jessica "The Girl Next Door"





Oh and a special THANK YOU to my Nosey Neighbor, Fatima,

who made these cute cupcakes and other treats for our winners.