Calling all calorie counters, weight watchers, and diet devotees! Taco Bell has made some changes to take the guilt out of your fast food splurges. Here are the healthy changes to take note of.

Since 2008, Taco Bell has reduced the amount of sodium in their menu items by 15%.

This is only the beginning of the fast-food chain. They have discussed plans to reduce by 25% soon.

Taco Bell has replaced artificial flavors and colors with all natural ingredients.


Since 2018 has begun, Taco Bell has decided to use 100% cage-free egg ingredients.


There is a calorie-outing “Fresco” menu option that opts to remove cheese, rice, and sour cream and add pico de gallo.

Vegan and vegetarian options have also been made available to the menu!

These changes allow Taco Bell to take the gold for the healthiest fast food chain. So… lunch break anyone?

Taylor Helson – High Point University 

Digital Content Intern – Charlotte