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The Nine Inch Nails singer accused Kanye West and The Weeknd from stealing his production style in an interview.

According to XXL, Trent Reznor, who’s known as Nine Inch Nails frontman, as well as an accomplished composer of many soundtracks for movies as of late, said in an interview with the BBC on Wednesday the following:

“I remember us watching a string of bands on Coachella from the comfort of our couch, and every band has a video playing behind them, and every band is synced up with a convenient, polite lighting package,” he said. “And I saw Kanye West blatantly rip off — and the Weeknd rip off — our tours production-wise, which I’ll say without any hesitation. And they know.”

Now, as a person who’s been to multiple shows, video packages have been all the rage in the last, eh, maybe 5-10+ years? The Weeknd’s team, however, did note Nine Inch Nails as an influence to their design, so that doesn’t seem to be as much of a frustration as it is for Kanye West to be involved.

He notes that productions didn’t use to be that flashy, and he said for this tour, he’s pulled back on the technological advances that they’ve had as a band as now it’s super common for the lighting and video packages to be extravagant.

Though so far, nobody’s made a comment, Trent Reznor should know by now, if you drag Kanye, he’s probably going to retaliate. I’d love to see those two in a showdown of words.