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Now we know that this summer is hotter than ever! But there’s a few things that make our summer more dreadful and stressful!


The worsts things that could happen are usually the unexpected. Most catch you by surprise while others leave you shocked.


Smells: In the summer, everything just stinks! Whether its nasty sweating humans or the strange smells of the city. There is always a large variety of smells around us but the ones that smell the worst catch us all by surprise.

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Bugs: Gnat and Flies are annoying insects that get in your grill and mess over your food. Worst interactions with these things are at cookouts and outside events where you are eating.

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A/C Compressor Stops Working: Nothing hurts more than having to ride in the blazing summer sun without air! No matter what you do you can’t seem to make it cool enough. You can put all 4 of the windows down and maybe even open the sunroof but you still will remain hot.

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Mosquitoes: Now I know what your thinking. Isn’t mosquitoes bugs? No, absolutely not. Mosquitoes are a different bread, they leave you itching and irritated. They suck your blood and leave big bumps and the fear of being bit again and guess what honey? They always come for more.

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PSA to all the beautiful people out there!

Stay cool, stay hydrated. stay clean and musty free because we don’t want to smell you and lastly have a great summer!